Attention: Mom Groups & Super Fans

Meet one of our fans, Dixie Fuller from Vancouver, WA. She plays our puzzle in the Clark County Columbian. Dixie belongs to Columbia Mothers of Twins Clubs.

On March 3rd, 2019 we ran a puzzle entitled Mom Groups and the puzzle caught Dixie’s attention. She loved it so much she reached out to us and shared her article and gave us great praise.

Since they have members celebrating 50 years of membership, we decided to share her article and the puzzle we created with all of you.

We hope you enjoy it.


David Ouellet & Linda Boragina


By Dixie Fuller
Every Sunday The Columbian runs a “find the word” puzzle in the Business section. It’s called Wonderword and Dave
Ouellet makes a very large puzzle with a theme. The words are listed to match the theme and to finish you must find
all the words. Sometimes it’s easy and other times it is hard. For instance the theme is mayby Germany and all the
words are very long and complicated. Being unfamiliar, they are not easy to spot and for me that takes so much
longer….sometimes two days! This last Sunday the theme was “Mom Groups”. There are 59 words and as I started it
my time with Columbia Mothers of Twins Club flashed before my eyes. All the words are in bold letters.
First, I found the words join, motherhood, mothers, advise, baby, boys, girls, asking. When the lady from the
“Welcome Wagon” came to my house on Leiser Road that day I was new to Washington just moved from California in
1980. My twin fraternal boys were just about 14 months in 1981 when she visited. I thought of that day when she gave
me the information to contact the Club. I was so happy to find somewhere to meet other moms of twins.
The words guidance, information, books, communication, children, experiences, understanding, pregnancy,
reminded me what I was craving to get from the other mothers in the Club. I can’t remember my first meeting with
Columbia but the most important was the meeting at Carolyn Bjerkelund’s house where I had to make a decision to
pay dues. I met new members and I felt I could share my stories. They gave me strength, support, and welcome.
I thought I could dedicate my time to follow this group. References, recommendations, playdates, parenting,
interests, workshops, and teaching seemed to happen each time we had would gather. My involvement with NW
Association of Mothers of Twins Club was a development that would empower me to open up to members in other
communities and connected me to an even bigger family. I began to plan my free time to include conventions and
fall meetings. In my opinion, this helped me reach the goal of making a home for me and my family in Washington.
This is not suitable for everyone and no pamphlet can tell you what influences a membership can mean to a person
but overall it was the best decision for me. Everything in life has stages and we see potential members rely on blogs,
social media, and twitter to meet other moms out there. We have a website that can fill in what we offer but coming
to a meeting is the best way to meet other moms who are looking for the same thing I did 37 years ago.
Now there are a few words in the puzzle that I couldn’t fit in but I know fitness and yoga is enjoyed my some of our
moms too!
At the end of the puzzle there are some letters that are not all crossed out. These make up the Wonderword that sums
up the whole of the puzzle. Can you guess what it was????? I bet you can because we all have it….. 11 letters and if
I’ve done the puzzle right I will find the answer…….and it is FRIENDSHIP!