About Wonderword

Wonderword made its syndication debut in 1970, initially gracing the pages of newspapers in Edmonton and Montreal. In 1980, Andrews McMeel Syndication, located in Kansas City, took over the reins of syndication rights.

This captivating puzzle comes in two distinct formats: a 15 x 15 grid, which runs from Monday to Saturday, and a larger 20 x 20 grid reserved for Sunday editions. Some Sunday newspapers present a 15 x 15 version, branded as Teleword, to accommodate space constraints.

The brainchild of Canadian author Jo Ouellet, Wonderword began to evolve with the involvement of her son, David Ouellet, starting in 1980. By 1984, David assumed the primary role in crafting Wonderword puzzles, and his name officially joined as co-author in 1994. Tragically, Jo Ouellet passed away in 1997, but her legacy lived on through David’s continued dedication to the feature.

In its various formats, Wonderword finds its way into approximately 160 newspapers worldwide. An impressive estimate suggests that a diverse audience of around 2,000,000 individuals of all ages takes delight in solving Wonderword puzzles daily.