Exercise Your Brain

John Cosstick shares a fascinating article about how playing WONDERWORD can improve one’s memory.

Exercising the brain is just as important as exercising the body.

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Boosting Memory with Wonderword Puzzles

Mostly all will agree that it is certainly helpful to improve one’s memory and the good news is that improving memory can be attained in a fun manner.

Practicing memory skills using games such as Wonderword Puzzles can boost memory potential immensely. When the memory is sharp, cognitive function improves, clarity of the mind is enhanced, and all those problems associated with “a little bit of forgetfulness” disappears.

The mind is no different from the muscles in the sense that when it is not worked, it starts to become dull. Similarly, when you work the mind effectively, you can enhance its sharpness. In fact, proper development of the mind via Wonderword Puzzles might very well allow you to tap into facets of the mind that would otherwise not be attainable without such effective mental exercising.

Obvious questions will arise regarding how something as seemingly innocuous as these puzzles can have such a strong impact? The answer is that the mind becomes completely engaged when taking part in such puzzles. What attributes are needed to complete such puzzles? Here is a brief look:

  1. Strong focus is a must to succeed with these types of puzzles.
  2. The better your focus, the greater your attention to detail will be.
  3. The more detail you take the time to notice, the better you can enhance your ability to retain information.
  4. Puzzles will often require the ability to recall internalized information. Any time you are reaching inside to recall information, you are boosting your memory potential.


Use these tips to help make it easier for you to solve these puzzles:

  1. Draw straight lines through the words as opposed to darkening them out. This keeps the page cleaner and easier to read.
  2. Starting alphabetically helps maintain coherency while working the puzzle.
  3. Commencing with the biggest words also helps you eliminate some of the more difficult words right off the proverbial bat.
  4. The same could be said about dealing with the words on the side margins of the puzzles.

While speed is not mandatory when it comes to completing a puzzle, you can always add such a component to the mix. When you set a time limit for the completion of the puzzle, you enhance your potential to boost your mind powers. Whether or not you complete the puzzle within the recommended timeframe is irrelevant. The main point or goal here would be to enhance mental sharpness. This can happen whether or not you complete the puzzle. Really, it is process and effort that counts the most.