David Ouellet Turns 70

Happy 70th birthday David,

David, to describe you as unique man is an understatement. You have a charisma like no other, you make everyone feel like a million bucks, you are genuinely interested in other people’s culture and lives. You love everyone and never judge anyone. You are a generous man with a heart of GOLD.

Now let’s talk about the man who comes up with over 365 themes a year. The man who spends hours editing a Wonderword and finding the smallest mistake. The man who dissects words and finds out where they came from and how they relate. The man who looks at menus all over the world and sees how it can tickle his palate. The man who spends hours looking up different dishes, recipes and finding out where they originated from and who perfected it. The man who isn’t afraid to try anything (food mostly) more than once. The man who can talk about any food item with such confidence, especially the TOMATO! David also loves astronomy, politics (which he knows not to discuss), quantum physics (he knows he can’t discuss with us), mathematical equations and algebra, different cultures and traditions, Quebec and being Canadian, he also loves to tell cheesy jokes (we just laugh to be polite) and everything and anything that he can talk about with someone new. Then there is David the bestie, who loves all his friends and family. And finally there is the man who loves and adores his wife Sophie. He is a wonderful husband and he spends his days cuddling, watching series, trying different restaurants, taking a cruise from time to time and just laughing and talking.




A Message from the Wonderword Team

Birthday message from Sophie:

Happy birthday David !

I’m amazed by the amount of people that you socialize with.

You are so skilled at making people smile and talk!  From the delivery people at the door of our condo to the servers at the restaurant, you make the people you meet feel appreciated. 

David, thank you for bringing to everyone around you your joy and your love. 

You inspire me! 

Your wife, Sophie


David, you are the whole package and we are all lucky to have you in our lives. This milestone birthday we wish you nothing but good health, happiness and love. You deserve it all. We know that you mother and 2 brothers are looking down from heaven very proud of you.

Cheers to 70 and many, many more!

Love, Linda and The Wonderword Family

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