Don Is Almost 90!

You are halfway to 90 Don! I know how much you look forward to solving your WONDERWORD puzzles each day whether it is the one from the paper or one of your books or print outs.  You have the process of solving them down to a science.  I am amazed by the collection of completed WONDERWORD puzzles you have. Have fun solving this special 20×20 (your favorite) all about you!

With Love,




A Message from the Wonderword Team

Happy Birthday Don!

You have been PUZZLED by Leann. She must really love you.

We really enjoyed creating this puzzle. You sound like a great guy. We also feel honored that you are such a huge Wonderword fan.

Leann told us that you find the smaller puzzles too easy to solve, so we agreed to do a bigger 20X20 all about YOU. What great words she choose to describe such an amazing man. We feel like we know you a bit by this puzzle we created. We also love the BIG fish in the picture, WOW!

Please click on the link and enjoy your puzzle because it’s all about you.

Cheers to almost reaching 90!

All the best,

David Ouellet & Linda Boragina and the entire Wonderword team.

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