For the WORLD’S BEST MOM! Candy Hamilton! My short story…
Our parents divorced when I was nine.  I’m Wendy, the oldest.  My brother Scott is the middle and my brother Brian is the youngest.  We lived with Mom but we saw Dad as much as we could.  Mom was amazing.  She did everything she could to make our lives incredible.   As a single mom she worked a lot as a medical assistant and a church organist to give us everything we needed.  She was strict but we always knew that she loved us.  We had no idea we were poor.  Our childhood was the best.  We are still very close and can finish each other’s sentences.  Now we’re all grown up.  I’m married to Jim and our son Grant was mom’s first grand kid.  Scott’s married to Stacey and they have Jay and Mia.  Two more incredible grand kids for mom!  She loves being a Gramma.  We still live within 15 minutes of mom and wouldn’t have it any other way.  Sorry world, our mom Candy is THE BEST!
Thanks so much WONDERWORD for all you do!  My mom is still talking about her puzzle!  She gives a copy to all her friends.

A Message from the Wonderword Team


We are so thankful to have you as a fan.  We know how dedicated you are to Wonderword and the best part is that you enjoy playing with your daughter Wendy.

What an incredible story.  You are so giving and your children adore you!  The world is sweeter with people like Candy!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Wonderword!

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