Happy 70th Birthday Irene, Mom & Grams

Irene  was born December 09, 1940, to Hungarian immigrants, Mary & George Chobot, in rural Saskatchewan.  She spent the 1st nine years of her life on a farm in Saskatchewan before the family moved to the big city of Regina. Irene was the first  child in her family to graduate from high school and worked as a stenographer for years before becoming an Immigration Court Reporter and eventually a Canadian Immigration Officer (a job which she loved and retired from about 10 years ago).

Irene married Bill Huculak in 1961 and the two of them raised 3 children. Bill was quite a character and worked as member of the RCMP until he passed away suddenly in 1989. Since then, Irene has been very independent & healthy. She loves her children & grandchildren. She spends a lot of time with her brother Tony, bowling and such and is very active in her church.  She  loves to travel, loves flowers (all plant life actually), loves to walk and collects Swarovski Crystal.  Her favorite musician/music is Jon BonJovi (the only concert she has ever been to was a BonJovi concert in Saskatoon with Lillian & Warren).

Our Mom is very intelligent and all the grandchildren call her “cool”. She plays Nintendo, loves to play Rummy 100 with the grandchildren and is very “feisty”. She is very competitive, playing  a laser-throw ladder-ball game or even competing with college-age grandchildren in a game of beer-pong – and has become a legend with her accurate shots. The grandkids & all of their friends call her GRAMS.  Mom does the WONDERWORD puzzle in the Regina Leader Post every night as she wants to keep her mind “active” and we know she will love and treasure this personalized WONDERWORD.

Message Form Wonderword Team to You

Dear Irene,
You have been PUZZLED by people who love you. We are proud to share your 70th with you, although I am not that far away.

Warmest regards, best wishes, good health, lots of birthday cake and most of all, happy solving!

David Ouellet and the Wonderword team.

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