Happy 85th Birthday Lea Hajek

We don’t know when Mom started doing the Wonderword puzzle. Our guess is since the local Scottsbluff Herald starting featuring it. She is an avid fan. First thing every morning she has the same routine; grab the paper and start working on the puzzle. We don’t bother calling, talking, or trying to get something done before the puzzle is finished.

Only her daily exercise will get in the way. If the puzzle is hard, or is taking longer than usual, she will stop to eat and get to Senior Stretch or Silver Sneakers at the Community Center. Yes, her morning exercise is the only thing that can stop the WonderWord puzzle.

She enjoys this puzzle so much that she only subscribes to the Herald because it features the puzzle daily.

Her daughter does provide her hard copy prints every month from the WonderWord web site and from the Mensa web site. And of course she has the books and ebooks from WonderWord.

Mom is turning 85 this year. This is a big birthday for her and we are thankful she is healthy and her mind is sharp. She attributes this to her WonderWord puzzle, daily exercise, and playing cards.

We love you Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma. Keep that mind sharp.


A Message from the Wonderword Team

Lea Hajek, you have been PUZZLED for your 85th birthday.

We heard you are a huge WONDERWORD fan so we know that this puzzle is the perfect gift for you!

Your family took a lot of time creating this special puzzle with us and it was made with great love.


All the best, David Ouellet and Linda Boragina and The WONDERWORD team!

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