Happy Birthday Adriana!

Our mom, Adriana, is very much a WONDERWORD fan.  Working on a puzzle is one of the first things she does to start her day.

Because mom is from The Netherlands, many of the words will remind her of the family and places of her homeland.

Mom, have fun solving your personal puzzle.  Happy Birthday!!

Albina & Elsje



A Message from the Wonderword Team

Note from David:

Happy Birthday, Adriana!

You have been PUZZLED by your family who love you very much.

It’s was a great honor creating your puzzle. I heard that you are an avid WONDERWORD fan and you play it daily. Fans like you enrich my life and constantly remind me that I have the best job in the world.

Thanks for being a fan and I hope that you enjoy the puzzle because it’s all about you!


Best wishes,

David Ouellet

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