Happy Birthday Chaya

What better a gift for a woman who loves to do WONDERWORDs? As Chaya says, the only good find-the-word puzzle is the one with an answer at the end. When her niece, Dafna, saw that a personalized puzzle could be made for her, it seemed like the perfect gift. Collectively, her children and nieces, Dafna and Tamar, worked together to come up with a list of places she’s lived, languages she speaks, things she likes to do, and significant family and pet names. We were all really happy to give her something special for her birthday that she would really enjoy.

With lots of love on your special day. Happy Birthday!

A Message from the Wonderword Team

Happy Birthday Chaya! You’ve been PUZZLED!

WOW! Your family really loves you.

This puzzle should give you a nice walk down memory lane.

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