Happy Birthday Mother Bonnie!

We thought our Mother Bonnie truly made it easy on us when she told us exactly what she wanted for her Birthday this year…a personalized WONDERWORD Puzzle.  But how does one select only 40-50 words from the vast English language to describe a Woman who could encapsulate almost every positive trait, noun, adjective and verb?  What we thought at first would be easy became a very difficult task.  So after much deliberation we decided upon a combination of words that are obviously unique to our mother and also words that we enjoy hearing her say out loud because of their quirkiness.  Some words conjure up fond memories while others could generate conversation that would lead to an evening of storytelling filled with laughs and smiles.

Mom, we hope you enjoy your WONDERWORD Puzzle.  It was certainly a fun present to create.

Happy Birthday.  We Love You!  Pat, Brandon & Christopher



A Message from the Wonderword Team

Note from David:

Dear Bonnie,

According to your loving  son you have quite the way with words and you know exactly what you want.

I hope we live up to your expectations on this very, very special day. Happy Birthday!

All the Best,

David Ouellet and The WONDERWORD Team

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