Happy Birthday Mother Mabel!

Our mother, Mabel, is a true WONDERWORD puzzle fan.  She may have either just finished doing one or will have one nearby, ready to begin. She will tell you: “I’ll just find a couple of more words then go and do something else” but, before you know it, she will have finished that puzzle and moved on to doing yet another one.

For our mom, these puzzles are not only fun and relaxing to do but challenging, as well. She believes that they help to exercise her mind and keep her sharp. She will often stay up late into the evening, quietly searching for words and solving puzzles, while thinking her thoughts.

Because this is a special birthday celebration for our mom, we wanted her to have this puzzle, especially created for her. It was made up with words about who she is and what she likes to do. These are some of the things we love about her!

Happy Birthday, dear mom, from all of us! Today is all about you – here’s a WONDERWORD puzzle for a Wonderful Mom!

A Message from the Wonderword Team

Happy 90th birthday Mabel! You have been PUZZLED by your family who obviously love and adore you very much.

It was truly an honor creating your puzzle and we hope you enjoy it because it’s all about you!

Wishing you the very best!


David Ouellet and The WONDERWORD Team

Play Happy Birthday Mother Mabel! Puzzle