Happy Golden Anniversary Cheryl & Richard, AKA RICHERYL!

Cheryl & Richard met in September 1970 as students at the University of Arizona. We were often in the basement of the student union in a cafeteria called Louis Lower Level. She was her group of friends and me with my card playing friends. She noticed me staring in her direction and asked a mutual friend to introduce us. Before she would go on a date with me, she asked me to walk her over to the library where we sat outside in the shade of trees. It was there that I had to pass her “kiss test”. I must have passed with flying colors as we became pretty much inseparable. We were married the following July and have remained inseparable through 16 moves, 18 residences, 14 cities and 10 states.

Our puzzle includes most of the city names and other words significant to us. Our song was by Bread and was “Make it with You”. We celebrate 50 years of “Making it with You” together. This puzzle will be Cheryl’s big surprise as she is a lover of Wonderword and a framed copy of the puzzle will be presented to her on our anniversary.

A Message from the Wonderword Team

Happy Golden Anniversary Cheryl & Richard, AKA Richeryl!

We are so honored to create a puzzle with so much personal history & love. Congratulations on this beautiful milestone!

Please enjoy this puzzle because it’s all about the 2 of you and your life together.

Cheers to many, many more.


David Ouellet, Linda Boragina and The Wonderword Team

P.S. We LOVE this picture of the two of you and your delicious wedding cake.

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