In Loving Memory of Eduardo

Edward Cuneo was an incredibly smart, hardworking, witty, patient, fun loving and kind man. Edward was ahead of his time in so many ways, he was always strengthening his mind and never let a spare minute go to waste. He would always have a word-find or puzzle in his hand, surrounded by his hundreds of National Geographic magazines, books, dictionaries, videos, and all the while listening to classical music. Edward recently passed away, and his family has asked you to join them in honoring his memory through this customized puzzle and to never stop expanding your mind.

His lovely daughter Sue was thrilled when she discovered there was a Canadian bookstore that sold books just around the corner from where she lived. She would buy her dad Wonderword books all the time to keep him busy and to keep his mind strong.


A Message from the Wonderword Team

When Edward passed, Sue contacted us immediately on behalf of her brother Dario and the rest of the Cuneo family. She wanted to honor her father in a way that would capture the true essence of his life, which was words. Her story touched us so much that we agreed to create a personalized puzzle about her dad. Sue decided that with this puzzle,  she would purchase Volume books and send it out to all of her family and friends who paid respect to her dad. She mailed it out to over 150 people. WOW, Edward was loved!

Sue and Dario, your dad is looking down so proud of you both.

We have never been a part of such a thoughtful, meaningful tribute to someone. We are beyond touched that this family recognized the significance Wonderword played in their father’s life. We feel so connected to this family that we are overwhelmed with sadness to lose such a loyal fan but grateful to the family for including us in celebrating his life.

Please download Edward’s puzzle and learn about this great man.


David Ouellet, Linda Boragina and Sue Tarantella & The whole Wonderword Team

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