Mabel Turns 100!!!!

Meet our Mother, Mabel!

In celebration of her 100th birthday, we wanted to have a new puzzle created for our mother, Mabel. It’s a reminder to everyone that she is still THE top WONDERWORD puzzle fan!

Before her eyesight failed, you would find that she had either just finished doing a puzzle or had others nearby, ready to play. She would say that she’d just search for a couple more words, before moving on to something else. She would inevitably stay at it, until finishing the puzzle (faster than most people could, as well)!

For our mom, these puzzles were a fun and relaxing way to keep her mind sharp. She’d often look up the meaning of unfamiliar words to learn something new. She’d sometimes use these new words in a conversation, when she could!

We had a puzzle made for her ten years ago, for her 90th birthday. Because this is our mom’s special 100th birthday, we had this new puzzle made, that all can play, in celebration and honor of her.

Happy Birthday, mom, from all of us! Today is all about you (isn’t every day?).

This is a new WONDERWORD puzzle for a true WONDER WOMAN!


A Message from the Wonderword Team

Happy 100th birthday Mabel!

Wow now this is a beautiful milestone and you have been PUZZLED by Wonderword.

We heard you are a SUPER Wonderword fan. Your son reached out to us and wanted to create this personalized puzzle all about you. We are so honored to have been included in this special day. We hope you love the puzzle as much as we loved creating it.

Wishing you a wonderful birthday celebration with many blessings.

Enjoy your puzzle because it’s about you. Cheers!

Best wishes,

David Ouellet, Linda Boragina and The Wonderword Team

Play Mabel Turns 100!!!! Puzzle