The Cornish Sister

Wonderword fans live near and far.  In many instances there are several people in the same household that play our puzzle.  We are often asked to prepare a ‘Personalized Puzzle’ for couples celebrating anniversaries, people celebrating milestones, tributes and more.

Today, for the first time, we introduce to you a family of sisters.  The Cornish Sisters.  All living in the province of Ontario.

Frances of Gravenhurst, Ruth of Toronto and Catherine of Brampton may be living in separate corners of the province.  But one thing they share in common is their love for playing Wonderword.  They order their books separately and always have a puzzle on hand ready to play.

These sisters make it a point to talk on the phone once a week.  They share their life experiences with one another and share a beautiful bond.

This photo is the last time Frances, Ruth and Catherine were together.

It is a pleasure speaking with you any time we get the chance.

A Message from the Wonderword Team

On behalf of Wonderword, thank you for being great fans to us and we love the unity of sisterhood you share with each other.

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