Tribute To Jo Ouellet

Jo Ouellet, developed ‘WonderWord’ in 1969.

My mom, a 4th generation Irish-Canadian born in Quebec City and mother of 4 boys, was very gifted with words. She was one of Canada’s most successful free-lance writers contributing to several weeklies.

For 25 years she edited and published the local tourist magazine that went into all the hotel rooms. From the age of 11, she used to make me proofread, an art I haven’t forgotten. She was also a much sought-after translator (from French into English) with mandates from singers, poets and even high-ranking government officials.

She was offered positions as a speechwriter for prominent companies and was asked to join the English department at Laval University. Not bad for someone without a degree!

She also co-owned a PR agency and wrote copy for advertisers of the local TV station.

She was also co-editor of EnRoute, Air Canada’s in-flight magazine.

While juggling all this, she joined ranks with the local magazine wholesaler and they made a great team; She invented the word-search game and he published and marketed it.

Wonderword would never have been possible without Jo Ouellet. Her inventiveness, endurance, willpower and perseverance were without peer.

Few realize that these are just some of the traits required to become syndicated.

On behalf of my family and fellow team members, I say: “Long live, Jo Ouellet!”