The Wonderword Philosophy

Wonderword sets itself apart from other word search-type puzzles.

What makes it unique?

  • All Wonderwords are all made by hand. Computers are never used.
  • Wonderword is syndicated with Andrews McMeel Syndication.
  • All puzzles use every letter in the grid.
  • Each puzzle has a theme and every word has some relation to the theme.
  • Themes change every day.
  • Every Wonderword is checked by 4 people to make sure there are no spelling mistakes or factual errors.
  • Wonderword was created for the sole purpose of entertaining people. You won’t find negative words or ideas that evoke sad emotions. What you will find is puzzles that are fun, upbeat and educational.
  • Best of all, Wonderword is one of the very few word search puzzles that actually provides a solution at the end.

It’s been this way for over 50 years; why should it change?